Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems by Green Sun Rising

See our Project References for a complete list of installations.

Remote Communities in Northern Canada

Check out the work we’ve done offsetting diesel consumption and providing electricity in NWT and Nunavut.  See our Project References for a complete list of installations.

Charge your personal electric vehicle or add value to your business by installing a charging station in your parking lot.

Solar Energy Cabin

Our net positive Solar Energy Cabin combines PV electricity generation, Solar Thermal hot water, and off-grid energy storage integrated into one portable unit. Click the image for more information.

Off-Grid Systems

We offer off-grid systems, custom to your needs. Perfect for LED illumination, security cameras, and equipment charging. Call for more information: 519 946 0408

Solar Thermal
Lower your energy bills and help our planet with a solar thermal hot water system. Click image for more information.

Our new Off-Grid-Systems flyer with details and pricing for the Solar Bar, the Solar Bench, the Solar Bikeport and the Solar Buddy. Click for more info.

Enjoy the last sunny days of summer: These two ladies are using Green Sun Rising’s Solar Bench to take a well deserved coffee break.

Spectacular view over the Detroit River! This system was installed by Green Sun Rising in August 2013, on a flat roof building.

Green Sun Rising has installed a Solar Bench and a Solar Bikeport at the Devonshire Mall in Windsor. Charge your Ebike and your Smartphone or Laptop while shopping at the Mall!

Green Sun Rising’s new Solar Bench is a safe place even for small children and toddlers!

The RET-Center proudly hosts Green Sun Risings new Solar Bench.

Our Solar Bench protects you from the sun while charging your laptop or cell phone – in style!

Four on-site operational solar systems plus various demonstrations of solar technology, that can be seen “in action”.

Above the operational 3kW tracker. Grid-connected, this tracker is feeding power into the grid in Windsor since August 2010. For more information on our trackers, please follow the link provided or visit us at

Our 5kW solar carport shown below is also grid-connected and has been feeding power into the Windsor grid since April 2010. The system is able to charge electric vehicles  while also providing shade and protection against the elements for the vehicles parked under it. This is Windsor’s very first grid-connected solar PV system. For more information about solar PV, please follow the link provided or visit us at

Our solar carport allows us to charge electric vehicles with a level 2 EV charging station.

Solar carport equiped with a level 2 EV charing station located at 1680 Kildare in Windsor Ontario


2-collector solar thermal system on the roof top, feeding energy into the solar storage tank in the Center showroom. More at


Our 2kW roof-top system is designed for industrial flat roofs, and is non-penetrating (self-ballasted). It is in full operation with the use of micro-inverters that allow our team to compare micro-inverters to string inverters under operating conditions.

In the factory behind the RET-Center, we manufacture solar mounting systems under the trade name


You can contact us by phone at 519-946-0408 or email us at

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