The Renewable Energy Technology Center was established as a learning and education Center for the community. We opened the Center in August 2009, converting a 3,300 square foot shuttered part of the old Windsor Tool & Die factory in central Windsor, to showcase the best in renewable technologies – with a focus on solar technologies. Our company Green Sun Rising Inc. is the driving force behind the facility and within a matter of months we developed the Center from a simple warehouse showroom displaying publicly and commercially available solar products, to a community-based institute for understanding sustainability and renewable energy.

The Showroom of the Renewable Energy Technology Center

We have an open-door policy at the RET-Center, meaning anyone who stops in can learn how solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal technology can be incorporated within their environment. It’s a hands-on learning experience. All the necessary hardware and components for setting up solar PV systems are on-site, provided by Green Sun Rising Inc., Windsor’s longest operating solar company.

Visitors can also learn how the Ontario Government’s Green Energy Act (2009) and its Feed in Tariff program allows anyone in Ontario to become their own private power company. By setting up a solar PV system the average homeowner can sell electricity to the Ontario Power Grid at a profit.

We also offer educational seminars and training workshops for solar photovoltaic (PV) as well as for solar thermal (ST) technologies. All of our solar systems are available through a turn-key program management approach.

Seminars and training for Solar projects

For more information on our training and seminars or general solar inquiries, please contact us at info@RET-Center.com or by phone at 519-946-0408.

Renewable Energy Companies in Windsor OntarioWe also house solar companies such as www.GreenSunRising.com that design, develop and implement solar systems.


Solar inverters by SMA, www.SMA-America.com
and Fronius http://www.fronius.ca


You can contact us by phone at 519-946-0408 or email us at info@RET-Center.com

Learning all about renewable energy technology